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you guys are right, i'm sorry, i should have approached this better.


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    @rasco1010 Did Trey put you up to this? You're looking to get flagged.

  • rasco1010rasco1010 Member Posts: 9

    nope, just simply sharing my app.

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    It's an odd promotional approach !? The video is basically saying . . . "I want to amass 50m downloads so everyone dedicate a little time from your day towards promoting my product" . . . just seems strange to me, normally there is some motivation behind a request like this (a charity drive for example).

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    i don't think its scam or flag worthy, just a very unusual marketing approach.

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    @rasco1010 said:

    (this app was not made using game salad, rather buildbox, i just wanted to show you guys what i was able to create with it, i know it can be expensive. but it does have great features, even though it is limited, but so is any drag and drop software. I love coding, but you have to admit, these softwares are getting quite impressive.

    dude there are plenty of very good games made and released with game salad.
    The mentioning of build box and other engines by the community mostly relates to the lack of communication from the gs team and the missing long term perspective.

    The limited perspective on using tools like game salad actually mostly comes from former coders not being able to deal with the fact that regular people get the possability to create apps without the same big learning and time investment they had.

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    @BigDave said:
    i don't think its scam or flag worthy, just a very unusual marketing approach.

    Yeah, really unusual ! :# :)

    "Hi, we are an app company, we've made a new version of Flappy Bird, we want to reach 50,000,000 downloads so we can make lots of money from the advertising revenue, so we would like you to promote our game for us"

    I don't suppose there's anything wrong with this approach, it just feels really odd ! What's really weird is showing so little of the actual game, a tiny screen in the corner that fades out less than 9 seconds after it starts. It's really difficult to know what this video is promoting ? The game itself (which the narrator doesn't even mention the name of !) ? The app company Rasco games ? Or the campaign to generate 50m downloads of a game whose logo appears on screen for all of 2 seconds before disappearing !?

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    You spend more text time on build box than your game??? So it feels like a buildbox promotion.
    Yes we know drag and drop softwares are impressive. We USE one of them.

    Sorry your post seems a bit rushed and a little confusing.

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