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Level select scene

BL4CKL00PBL4CKL00P Posts: 57Member, PRO
edited April 2017 in Working with GS (Mac)

Hi guys,

i was wondering how to make a scroll-able level select scene like the one in geometry dash ? You know, there's a next button and a previous button, when next button pressed it should slide in from the right side the second level and if pressed again the third level slides in ,so on until reach the final level . and to go back to the previous level , pressing previous button will slide in from the other side the previous button all the way back to the first level ?

Thank you .

Best Answer

  • BL4CKL00PBL4CKL00P Posts: 57Member, PRO
    Accepted Answer

    Thank you MoonBeam for your reply !

    there's no need for it anymore , i went on and i created a template that mimics the geometry dash level select scene by using lots of actors and some logic .
    Thanks again


  • MoonBeamCodesMoonBeamCodes Posts: 2Member, BASIC

    If you're talking about the control camera feature, I can help with that, all you have to do is: Add control camera and then there should be a camera icon at the top of your screen. Click that and make it as small as possible. Sorry if this isn't what you need!

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