3 little questions ;)

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Hey guys,

I have 3 little questions.

  1. If i want a text is show up after 30 Minutes then I use the Timer-Behavior. But my question now is: Will the minutes continue even if the app is closed ? If the player close the app and a text should be normally show up after 30 Minutes and the player open the app after 30+ minutes again is the text then showed up or does the timer only continue if the app is open ?
    If the timer continues running even if the app is closed , can you tell me how I can make it that the player gets a notification when a new text is showing up and the game is closed on he's/her phone?

  2. How can I make an animation of a text? I want that a text is showing up like it is typing in this moment!

  3. How can I make that if a new text is coming in the other texts there already typed going up on the screen (like a real texting app) ?

Best Regards :wink:


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