Google beta testing

I just put my app to google beta testing and i'm trying to get to it in the store but when i click the button "view in play store" it just brings up a page where it says "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server"
Anyone know what's going on here?


  • trialhunitrialhuni Member Posts: 9

    Hi, you need to add email addresses to the beta test under manage releases, and only those can access the game on the play store...did you do this? Also some of my testers had to refresh a few times because they got the same error message :)

  • grahameckersleygrahameckersley Member Posts: 81

    @trialhuni yea iv got a couple of testers in there and i can send the link and it downloads and that all works fine but the blue link for show in store wont go there and on my other game that's in the same phase it does

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