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Hello i bought a trivia template so i can practice with gamesald and learn some functions i notice in the columns
when i add a long question example (Stretching for approximately 1,050 miles, where are the Barisan Mountains located?)
when i go to view it on previewer it only shows half of question is there a way to make the columns spacing in it your type get to the end press enter then continue in the same cell
I hope you understand what im asking


  • MusicBoutiqueMusicBoutique Member, PRO Posts: 115
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    If you're talking about having your question over 2 lines then for example after "Stretching for approximately 1,050 miles," press (ctrl + return) or (alt + return) for a line break and then add in "where are the Barisan Mountains located?"
    I'm not entirely sure if that's what you're asking though.

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    Display Text also has a Wrap Inside Actor checkbox. You might try that first.

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  • articwolf65articwolf65 Member, PRO Posts: 63
    edited April 2017

    Thats it yes thank you MusicBoutique That worked and I have the space needed now. Thank you tatiang i uncheck the box wrap of the actor and now i can see full text display. Thank you guys for the help. I hope to learn this platform.
    Oh one more thing if i have 25 questions i only see 10 in preview were do i go to be able to have all my questions to show

  • articwolf65articwolf65 Member, PRO Posts: 63

    Ok i found out how to change it is located in the attribute in was set to 10 now i set it to 25
    Thank you guys

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