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Game removed from Playstore because of GS bug?

ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC

When pressing the screen off button on my Samsung when playing my game and after that going back to the game, the screen in every scene will be off center. I read a post on the forum from 2 years ago where people had the same problem and that their games were removed from the playstore because they had this bug in it.

See example:

Now this has made me really worried because 1. android is 50% of the market and if you're game gets removed this will mean you cant make 50% of the money you should make. 2. if this is a 2 year old bug, why didnt GS fix this really gamedestroying bug? Will it ever be fixed?

I invested all my money into my game and all of my free time after my day job so you understand why im so worried.

Does anyone know about this bug and if it will be fixed very soon?



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