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Experienced Composer looking for new projects


My name is Efe, and i am a multi instrumentalist video game composer from Istanbul.
I have almost 12 years experience with music, studied at Istanbul Modern Musical Academy, 4 years experience in game industry, worked for many indie games, short films and tv&radio commercials.

I can do;

  • Orchestral scores for every genre (Classical, Electronic, Symphony, Hiphop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Ethnic World Music, etc..)
  • Epic title tracks and main themes,
  • Background musics (Action, Horror/Tension, Excitement, Happy/Cute, Fantasy World, Medieval World, Sci-Fi, Romantic/Sad etc..)
  • Trailer tracks
  • Ambient soundscapes

You can see my portfolio on these links,

Music: SoundCloud

Portfolio: Website

[email protected]

Skype: efe.tozan

Looking forward to your good news!



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