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Hey guys.. new here so hopefully I don't get bombed with, "post this here instead, noob", or, "We answered this 100x before", etc..

Anyway, I'm dev a game intended for MacBook (not touch screen) and trying to make a basic menu with START and OPTIONS selection like in old NES games. One of the actors need to be "highlighted" so the player knows which one is currently selectable. I can't figure out how to do this and have found zero tutorials online about it. I figured out how to assign audio to confirm when one of them is selected but that is it. I know how to do it with touch option but I want this game to be played on computer, not smart device. Lastly, I assigned key functions to both the actors but still I need to have the actors highlight when the "cursor" is selecting START or OPTIONS. I know this should be easy but I can't fig this out.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thank you for any input.



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    "I need to have the actors highlight when the "cursor" is selecting START or OPTIONS."

    Do you mean you want the actor to be highlighted when the cursor is over the actor (but not pressed) ?

    If that's the case then simply have a rule in the actor that says When mouse position is inside then [highlight rule goes here]

    Example file attached:

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    Thank you! I will give that a try. And thank you vm for the example, def did not expect that : )

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