Little marketing question.

Guys, I'm making a classic side scroller with more than 20 levels.
It's almost release time, and the question is:

Option 1: Release a free demo APK with only a few levels and a separated paid APK with the full game, turning the download size smaller.

Option 2: Release both at the same APK and use IAP to unlock the full game, turning the file size bigger, but "growing" the download rate since the beginning (even if the player don't buy the complete game latter).

What's the best option?

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  • PigeonGamesPigeonGames Member Posts: 18

    @-Timo- said:
    I would say option2.


    Our games: Android | iOS | Indiexpo

  • birdboybirdboy Member Posts: 284
    edited May 2017

    First and foremost because option 1 isn't allowed anymore on the Appstore as far as i know. In practice some of these separate demo apps still get through but in theory they shouldn't.

    Can't say anything about Android and their policy regarding demo apps.

  • DigiChainDigiChain Member, PRO Posts: 1,216

    Definitely option 2. If a player is enjoying your game you want to make that purchase as easy as possible for them. I'd also consider using ads in the free version which are also removed when an iap is made.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,302

    Unless the full game is 1 GB is size and the 'demo' version is 40 MB, definitely option #2. The download size is not a huge issue -- and less and less so, with growing memory in phones and tablets.

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