Commission your own Pixel Artist! (for super cheap)

Hey Game Salad creators!

I like to dabble in pixel art. I am very good with icons, words, and small animations. I am currently available to help make your games that much better. Sometimes you just can't find good graphics online of exactly what you want. Or you are an artist yourself and you just can't seem to get a piece to look how you want it to.

Let me do my magic! (Quite literally if you're doing any kind of fantasy rpg lol)

(Small portfolio image)

I have provided a small portfolio, but I want you all to help me build it much much further. That being said, I will work for a seriously discounted rate. I will only charge $3.00/hour of labor, and I'm a pretty fast worker for pixel art. I've given a general time table of what to expect for a variety of different graphics. This list is by no means exhaustive, I can, with enough time, do a pretty wide range of graphics (max of 128x128 pixels per image)

-Still environmental image: 30-45min
-Words 12 pixels tall: 3min/letter
-Animation of human(64x64) : 1 hour for initial still, then 30 min for every additional frame
-Still of a human portrait (think fire emblem portraits): 1.5-2 hours

Shoot me an email for a consultation, I will be happy with any work! I can work about 20 hour a week, I would also like to put a cap of 40 hours on any project. If you like what I produce, place another order and I'll be happy to work another 40 hours, so forth and so on.


Email me for a consult at

I look forward to doing business with you all!

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