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Win8 option not showing up in the Portfolio

SA_FNAFCoderSA_FNAFCoder Posts: 47Member, PRO
edited June 2017 in Working with GS (Mac)

Whenever I try to publish one of my games, the Windows 8 feature isn't even there. Did GameSalad remove it or something?

I am a registered Pro member (just reactivated the membership), so, what's going on?


  • SA_FNAFCoderSA_FNAFCoder Posts: 47Member, PRO


  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 559Member

    They dont support Windows 8 for at least a year and a half now. They moved to html. That is at times buggy but is getting an overhaul at the moment. Release date unknown. So use the current html and port with cordova etc.

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