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Assembling Me Harty Crew!

Cap'nCrunchCap'nCrunch Posts: 1Member

Ahoy thar mateys!

Not to worry, I won't be talking like a pirate the whole time.
I am looking to put together a team for a fairly ambitious project. It's 100% bootstrap so I can't pay you in money. But what is money compared to the friendship you'll have along the way! That's the real treasure.

If you haven't figured it out, it's going to be a pirate adventure game! Now I really need artists because I can't paint my way out of a wet paper bag. So bear with me as I explain the concept of the game using stolen (ahem) borrowed images. It is a pirate game anyways...

Overall Concept.
You are a pirate in the... you guessed it.. Caribbean! The game will start out with the player in command of a small boat. The game map will be an artistic recreation of the Virgin Islands. The game world will look something like this

Only the player will only be able to see a small portion of it. Only through exploration will the user be able to reveal the entire map. Think advance war style fog of war

That's the exploration piece of the game. There will be different port cities where the player can buy supplies and upgrades as well as receive missions.

But of course there must be battles. For the battle element I imagine gameplay similar to Raft Wars. If you have never played Raft Wars then I highly recommend it and I'm sorry that I got you hooked.

The player and enemy take turns taking shots at each other. And of course the player will have the opportunity to upgrade their vessel with more powerful cannons, better armor and such.

That's the gist of it! There is much much more that can be developed with this game but thats where I want to start with a minimum viable product and go from there.
To recap:

  • It's a hobby project, give as much or as little time as you'd like. Anyone is welcome to the crew!
  • I can't pay anything yet but the profits will be split between anyone who contributes
  • Desperately in need of an artist! But anyone who wants to work on the project is welcome!
  • Did I mention the joys of friendship along the way?

Hit me up in the DMs or comment on this post if you are interested.
Thanks for reading. Cheers!
Yargh, now walk the plank!

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