Pixel Assassin: Action platformer game now available free on the App Store and Google Play!

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(Game description from Google Play & App Store. If you have any questions ask below! Also 100% 1st weeks ad revenue will be donated to Doctors without borders)

Pixel Assassin is an indie action platformer game that takes place in medieval fantasy world.

In Pixel Assassin you play as Tormentor, a feared hitman who has sold his soul to an evil god in exchange for amazing powers that he uses to assassinate targets for his master. Jump, leap, fight, stab, slash, sneak and do your best to help Tormentor complete his missions and finish his evil master’s grand plan!

Assassinating targets has never been this fun! Use the environment to gain an advantage over your enemies, sneak in the shadows, and when they least expect it: END THEM!


16 unique handcrafted levels with various objectives and enemies
3 challenging boss fights
3 completely different areas to explore (Kingdom in forest, dungeon ‘s in desert, snowy island and more to come!)
Unique enemies to kill
Friendly NPC’s to interact with
Multiple ways to assassinate targets
Rich and complex story
Beautiful backgrounds by Littlepinkmess
Original soundtrack by Joshua C. Forrest
Game has been developed by an indie developer team of 3! We have no big corporation behind us to tell us what to do with the game, so please rate the game and give us feedback so we can improve and perhaps add YOUR IDEAS to the game! (We also read all feedback and try to answer as often as we can!)

App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-pixel-assassin/id1252247861?mt=8
Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixelassassingame.devzek&hl=fi


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    Congratulations on releasing it. I love platform games! ill download and play ,rate and give you my feedback. :)

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    @Icebox Thanks! I appreciate it :)

  • fatetaletellerfatetaleteller Member, PRO Posts: 40

    @-Timo- Thanks!

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    Fun game, im done with world 1 and 2 . I rated 5 stars but i usually give my negative feedback here in the forums.
    First issue is regarding the controls(left and right arrows). I cant slide my finger from left to right cause you have the rule set to " when touch is pressed" it should be "when touch is inside".

    I died a couple of times from the spinning obstacles and I wasn't close to it , the collision happens 5-10 pixels away which is quite annoying.

    Visually , personally I dont like your UI elements I feel like they need some improvement.(but thats just a matter of taste)

    I didn't know that i can climb the rope by pressing the jump button cause it doesn't look like a rope( i dont even know if its a rope just guessing) and there are no instructions to tell me that i need to keep jumping to get to the top.

    There is a bug on android (galaxy s7 edge and I think s8) , on the first scene. the camera is misplaced.

    There is a bug in level 10 ( second boss ) if you die and dont restart , gives you level complete.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the downloads ! :) Always love and enjoy platform games.

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    1: Thanks for pointing that out i will take a look on the control issue! Glad its not game breaking tho :smiley:

    2: Will take a look on the collision issue aswell

    3: Yeah but you figured it out? :smiley: i really don't want to tell everything to the player and want them to find out themselves

    4: Odd bug, i will take a look on it. I have had +1000 testers and none have informed me about that xd

    5: Level 10 bug is odd aswell i thought i fixed it :/

    But hey thanks for the 5 stars and feedback i really appreciate it!

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