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Quickly create iOS certificate (.p12 and .mobileprovision)

Appuploader tool can quickly and easily create iOS certificates .p12 and .mobileprovision iOS certificate files.
And can be done in the Windows system, do not need a key pad assistant.

ios distribution certificate Application

Release certificate released to the app store and ad hoc release test certificate, here App Store released to create a release certificate, if you want to see the real machine debugging debugging Certificate creation tutorial iOS. Create a iOS release certificate

1, open the Appuploader, select Certification

2, click + ADD type will appear a variety of certificate options, according to their own needs to create a certificate type selection.

iOS App Development

Apple Push Notification service SSL(Sandbox)

App Store and Ad Hoc

Push Notification Auth Key (Sandbox & Producyion)

Push Notification service SLL(Sandbox & Producyion)

Pass Type ID Certificate

Website Push ID Certificate

Watchkit Services Certificate

voIP Services Certificate

Apple Pay Certificate

3, in order to App Store and Ad Hoc certificate, for example, enter the certificate name, mailbox, password (when packing IPA), click OK to create.

4, click p12 File, save the certificate file to the computer.

Two, create iOS release description file

1, open the Appuploader, select Profiles

2, click + ADD, according to the need to select the configuration file type

iOS App Development

tvOS App Development

App Store

tvOS App Store

Ad Hoc

tvOS Ad Hoc

3, with the release of the description file, for example, before the choice of the developer center to create APP IDs, tick selected, enter the name, click OK to create.

4, click on the Download download, save to the computer


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