Game freezing on launch

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I have a problem where once I launch my app, the custom loading screen appears, but once it switches to the first scene it freezes, and sometimes crashes. Once it freezes, if I hit the button on my phone that shows all open apps, and click on my app to get back to it, it starts working just fine. I read there was a bug for a while related to custom loading images being a certain size, but I've tried 3 different sizes, as well as no custom loading image at all, and that didn't help. I also tried changing the first scene to something different, and that didn't help either. Changed minimum SDK from 10 to 11, that didn't work. Everything else works perfectly once I 'minimize' then reopen my app, so it appears to just be an issue with the initial opening of it. Any ideas?


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    Save a copy of your game. I'll call this copy 1. Then save another copy - copy 2. Using copy 2, delete half the actors from the game. Try to load that version. If it freezes still, delete half the remaining actors. Try again. If it freezes still, delete half the remaining. Continue until you have no actors left. If it stops freezing at any point, then one of the actors you deleted in the last batch was the likely cause. Revert to your copy 1 save. Save a new copy 3. Delete half the actors from the batch that stopped the freeze. Test again.

    Continue this until you identify which actor, if any, is causing the problem. Essentially you're removing things until you find out which thing is cauisng the problem.

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    That's a good strategy. Though I just found out it loads fine on another old Android phone I have laying around. I'll keep playing around, thanks for the reply.

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