Need help whith ad-hoc testing

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Hi all, i am a newbie and i have a smal problem with ad-hoc testing my first software application which i made with tutorials.
I published well it on gamesalad site in android and gamesalad arcade profiles and my application work well on site or in GameSalad Creator (1.25.6227.28368 version), but when i download .apk file and try to launch it on mobile device (android 5) i have a error message about "Syntax Error".
OK, after some many times attempts i tried to use GameSalad Viewer for Android devices (1.25.50 version from GooglePlay), and when i use wifi connect i get green indicator on device and i get android's icon in GameSalad creator. After that i tried to launch my application on my device but the creator froze on this procedure, plese the screenshot:
What i can do? I need to test application on device with APK file or Viewer, but both not work now.

P.S. I already try to solve this problem these metods:
1) switch on USB debuging on device (developer mode) - did not help
2) switch off antivirus on android device - did not help
3) allow installation of applications from unknown sources - did not help

One more metod which i did not try it is a change manifest file in apk resourses, but i think this metod it is not convenient for gamesalad conception, but if i dont get help i will try it.
Screenshot with manifest of apk file:

I tried one more metod, changed API level attributes (uses-sdk) in manifest file (minsdkversion=19, targetsdkversion=21 (for android 5)):
And compiled the APK packet but it did not help:(


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    Nobody had such a problem?

  • Neo0Neo0 Member, PRO Posts: 7

    Hi All,
    I apologize for asking my question above.
    This problem was solved with the purchase of a subscription.
    As for the launch of the .apk on the device.
    Gamesallad Viewer has not yet verified.
    Topic can be closed. Thanks.

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