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Help Wanted (paid..but low budget!)

pm1worldpm1world Posts: 1Member

I'm new here (well, I was on a couple of years ago but not very active). I actually have a need for a game and want someone to do the first release for me at least. -- I have no clue the time involved so I appreciate some honest feedback or estimate. YOu can message me directly.
My need: Game that is challenging where students need to answer questions. The content is provided by me as it is content and knowledge necessary for my students to pass a difficult exam -- but I want something different than an old boring quiz :-)

I do have skills to make content updates, edit, and tweak but just don't have time to do it all myself.

So..if you think this is a possibility let me know. If you think I'm dreaming about doing something like this on a low budget let me know too :smiley:


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