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I'm new here (well, I was on a couple of years ago but not very active). I actually have a need for a game and want someone to do the first release for me at least. -- I have no clue the time involved so I appreciate some honest feedback or estimate. YOu can message me directly.
My need: Game that is challenging where students need to answer questions. The content is provided by me as it is content and knowledge necessary for my students to pass a difficult exam -- but I want something different than an old boring quiz :-)

I do have skills to make content updates, edit, and tweak but just don't have time to do it all myself.

So..if you think this is a possibility let me know. If you think I'm dreaming about doing something like this on a low budget let me know too :smiley:


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    Why not purchase a template like this and then have myself or another freelancer tweak it to your specific needs?

    You can contact me directly at if you need this or any other template modifying.

    seen working here:

    Best Regards

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    The price for building an app varies greatly depending on what features you require, how much of the artwork and sounds are provided, etc. But I can say very generally that you're looking at something like $40/hr for 10-20 hours at a minimum.

    And yes, providing or purchasing a ready-made template is a great way to save money in the process.

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