Nested Loops? (Specifically Looping Over a Table)

So I just fired up GameSalad after a while of not touching it, and I felt like maybe messing with the (relatively speaking) new loop behavior container. More specifically, I was gonna attempt using nested loops along with an array (or table if you wanna use the fancy Gamesalad terminology) to set up a mockup kind of tiled pattern if that makes any sense. Basically my problem is that when attempting to make a nested loop, I don't get any feedback when testing. There's no infinite looping to my knowledge (I dunno if GameSalad does something to prevent itself from crashing but I'll assume it doesn't) and when I don't use a nested loop, it seems to work fine when I was logging debug statements. Here is a screenshot of what I currently have. (Actor 1 and Actor 1 copy are just different colored squares I was using to make sure it was responding correctly to the different table cell values). I am currently using the most recent version of GameSalad (1.25.80) Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!

Having trouble with your game? Sounds like a personal problem.


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