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Disabling multi-touch

3absh3absh Posts: 573Member, PRO

I'm trying to disable multi-touch as it can cause errors in my game. (My game is a menu RPG)

Is there anyway to do this?


  • HopscotchHopscotch Posts: 2,782Member, PRO
    edited August 2017


    by multi-touch you mean that you do not want users to touch and control two actors at the same time?

    Then you will need to restructure your "touch is pressed" rules a bit, to test for :

    Device.Touches.Active.Touch1 = true

    Also, use

    Device.Touches.Touch1.X and .Y

    for position of the touch.

    This should give you the basics, but forces the user to lift their finger before a second touch can be registered.

    Depending on your setup and desired effect, it may get quite a bit more involved. For example, if you want a second touch to become active (which was already being pressed) as soon as the first touch is released, then you will need more complex checks on all touch events (.Touch1 to probably .Touch3 or 4) and test for Device.Touches.Count = 1.

  • 3absh3absh Posts: 573Member, PRO

    Well i want multi touch disabled meaning only one place on the screen can be touched.

    I want to disable touching with 2 fingers or more

    Because I have a lot of menus and when I press 2 menus at the same time they both open which results in a bug

    I want the touch to ONLY be limited to 1 place

  • 3absh3absh Posts: 573Member, PRO

    I will try your method
    Thank u

  • Two.ETwo.E Posts: 575Member, BASIC

    You can use the Device>Touch.Count attribute.

    In your menus, you can say when:
    When Touch is Pressed (And)
    When Touch.Count is equal to 1

    Hope that helps,


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