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Spawner Works Fully Only in Preview - Viewer and Adhoc Partially Fail

dyoh777dyoh777 Posts: 19Member, PRO

Has anyone had a problem with a spawner actor instance that ignores some of the code only in the viewer and adhoc builds? It spawns a few things as expected, but not all. I feel fairly convinced that my logic is fine since it works in the preview but it doesn't work fully in the viewer or adhoc. Also when I've had logic problems I've usually had problems in the preview as well instead of seeing it work as expected. Some people have said that adhoc builds will sometimes work in this case which is why I tried it. Also, I believe I've ruled out layer order as a problem as well (based on a post and bug). I didn't spot any bugs in the tracker that seem related. Suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry for the double post, i realized I put this in the wrong area yesterday) Also, since yesterday I found another thread where people were talking about how the rules work from the bottom up and you can tell what's broken based on that since it'll stop where it's broken, yet I can move things to the top and those will work, but not the others (but only in the viewer and adhoc build).


  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,901Member

    Post a screen shot of your code.

  • dyoh777dyoh777 Posts: 19Member, PRO

    Thanks, I believe I figured out what's happening today. I haven't pinpointed the exact combinations of what does and doesn't work, but this may be helpful to others in a similar situation. It seems that the preview calculates or behaves differently than the viewer and adhoc builds. In many cases, if not all, calculating with a mixture of datatypes seems to be allowed by preview (I'm assuming it's automatically type casting - in my example the mix was integers and reals to set an actor's spawn location) but it's not allowed elsewhere in the viewer and actual builds. It took me a bit to figure this out because this same combination works for the same purpose in many cases in all 3 (preview, viewer, and builds).

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