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Rendering a HTML5 version without uploading

Hello everyone,
The question I have might be rather odd, but here's the context:
I have a large game (3GB), and around 120 scenes. When I upload it online and generate a Mac version, everything works fine. But when I request a HTML5 version, the resulting file is completely broken (I tried nevertheless to wrap it and have an EXE version - nothing came except a blank screen when launched). After going back and forth and doing some tests, I arrived at the conclusion that:

A/ it wasn't about the size (I uploaded last year a game that was also 3GB and everything went smoothly)
B/ the issue was not caused by the number of scenes
C/ rather it was one or some specific scenes that were causing the problem.

Now I am trying to see at which scene will the generated file break. So I managed to test the first 60 scenes (uploaded online - generated a HTML5 version - wrapped it and have an EXE version) and so far everything works. But is there a way to test or to come up with a HTML5 file without publishing and generate over and over again? Because the whole process for 1 scene takes about 3hours, and times 60 scenes that really a drag! Please note that the HTML5 Preview doesn't give any valuable information.


  • AazousanAazousan Posts: 23Member

    No solutions?

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 967Member, PRO

    There is probably specific things that are breaking HTML5. The HTML5 side of things was never quite in parity with the other export options. I think custom collisions, positional audio, display text/custom fonts and a few other things can cause issues. Might be best to look to those as sources of the problem.

    Also if the first 60 work, is there any new systems in the last 60 you can think of that might break it?

    Other than that, I cant think of a faster way to generate it.

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