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Using a different Mac and account to Sign an app

Hy guys.

I need help with Publishing. A client wants me to publish an update of his game. He used his own GS profile and Apple Developer account to publish the first version. Now he added me as a App Manager on his iTC account and I tried to upload the new version I built from my Mac.
He sent me over his App Store Bundle identifier and iOS certificate, but every time I try to Sign the app from GS Site I get this message: "Could not code sign because there is no developer identity matching the selected provisioning profile".

What should I do to solve this problem? Should I create a new identity from his account or I can use my own Mac to create this developer identity?

Please, help me.


  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,546Member

    You can't sign with his bundle ID and cert without installing his developer profile. He needs to export his developer profile via Xcode and then you install that on your Mac. Clients get confused how to do this so best to google the process and then point your client to the "how to" (but ensure its the right thing!). The only other way to do this if the client can't export the developer profile is to revoke the certs of the client and generations new certs on your own Mac. It would be good practice that if you do the later, to then export the developer profile from your Mac and send it to the client to install on his.

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