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Zoom camera question

stragstrag Posts: 510Member, PRO

Thought I would get up to speed with scene cameras in preparation for the new iPhone X ridiculous aspect ratio. My current universal build method is not going to work for all of my scenes.

Can anyone give me any pointers to as where I am going wrong. I am trying to zoom out with the camera to give me about 20% extra viewing area. The trouble is the scene always stays locked into the bottom left of the screen even though I am also changing the camera origin (which seems to have no affect). It's a portrait build if that makes any difference.

If there are any tutorials explaining how the whole camera/scene thing works I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.



  • stragstrag Posts: 510Member, PRO


    I fear this is a schoolboy error! :/ Just in case this can help anyone layer needed to be set to 'scrollable'. Works a treat now! :smiley:

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