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In App Purchases not working

I have set up everything like all the tutorials show, my bundle and app ids are all the same on developer and gamesalad. Game Center works fine it is just the in app purchases.

I just wanted to test one in app purchases which is why they are not all filled out in the table. Is it because I am on OS Sierra? I have watched guru and others mine looks the exact same I do not know what it is. Please help and thank you.


  • ValanValan Posts: 405Member

    I have a similar issue.
    My app tested ok in TestFlight. Passed Apples review with no problems. But the IAP doesn't work when it is in the App Store.

    I am updating it now so I may be of some help soon.

  • eligameseligames Posts: 40Member, PRO

    I can not even get it to work in Adhoc.

  • eligameseligames Posts: 40Member, PRO

    Do you need a sandbox tester account in order to test IAP on adhoc?

  • ValanValan Posts: 405Member

    I never used an Adhoc version.

    I just used TestFlight on an Appstore version.

    All testers are sandboxed and not charged for IAPs.

  • GamepencilerGamepenciler Artist/Game Developer Posts: 326Member, PRO

    The images looks correct to me. Maybe you should check the rule if you choose to type the code in the text expression.
    Text expression : tableCellValue(game.PurchaseTable,1,5) [expression] is purchased [as text]

    This was my mistake before if applies..

    Artist/Game Developer / Animator at your service..

  • eligameseligames Posts: 40Member, PRO

    I think I did it this right as well. I don't know it could just be the internet at my house.

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,599Member, PRO

    I would check that also the buy run is not inside the expression editor too and also you have not checked for the call back from the request purchase data. You should only fire the buy behaviour AFTER the callback is 1 otherwise you fire this too soon and effectively before you have the store data. That said, also check your IAP IDs in your store as well as insuring they have been submitted in iTunes and if testing in Google, ensure you have copied your IAP code from your Google console account to your publishing account.

  • GamepencilerGamepenciler Artist/Game Developer Posts: 326Member, PRO

    if your testing it out, In IOS you should register your IAP ID to have it tested on Testflight. In Android have the IAP registration as well.

    Artist/Game Developer / Animator at your service..

  • itsystemitsystem Posts: 3Member

    Sometimes Apple Apps Store sandbox servers are so stressed that they don't return anything. Yesterday everything was working as expected and today I can't validate any in-apps.

  • AcidburnAcidburn Posts: 1Member, PRO

    I'm having the same issue, after setting up a test actor which displays the callback attribute which it is initialized to 0 when the behavior is run, and set to 1 when the data is received, and -1 if there was an error, such as no network connection. My test actor returns -1 every time I try to test IAP in sandbox and I'm never prompted with a login popup for my test user and I have tried LTE and wifi. Does any know why, what im i missing here.

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