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I need your honest opinion about my game..

I finally completed my app
I've been working on this one for about 5 months give or take.

I need an honest in your face criticism of my app..
What is it that seems out of place, looks bad etc..
If it sucks tell me it sucks (but tell me why)

The main idea of this app is it's a time-based menu game.
The time in the game is related to your actual real time and all the actions done inside the game have cooldowns (hunting, cooking, planting, etc) so the player is meant to log in every 4 hours or so.
This is a very basic casual game meant for everyone to play, I'm currently working on something similar that's much more complex.

This is a demo of the gameplay (the game's in Arabic but you can get an idea of the mechanics from the video)

and this is a link to the game (please rate it 5 stars if you download it, I only have a few ratings and every rating counts :(

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