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Anyone have any idea why this happened?

SamsonSimhonScompSamsonSimhonScomp Posts: 12Member, PRO

A little over a year ago, I published my first mobile app, to the app store. Eventually, it started getting between 40-90 downloads per day. When I recently released an update, the downloads dropped to 0, for 2 straight days.

I'll appreciate any help, thanks!


  • SamsonSimhonScompSamsonSimhonScomp Posts: 12Member, PRO


  • ValanValan Posts: 405Member

    My apps took a nose dive recently.
    I looked at all the analytics and noticed that only China have much reduced downloads. Every other area is up.

    After a little more thinking I'm hoping it is because 1 October is national day and a long holiday, so people travel.

    Maybe something similar happened with you, coinciding with your update. Also I think the ranking takes a hit with an update.

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