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screen rotation bug

jinedjined Member, PRO Posts: 42

I'm having a screen rotation bug on Android devices, it does not happens on all of them, i experimented this specially on MOTO/LENOVO series smartphones, with Android 7.

Starting just a new project, and choosing iphone 5, or phone legacy screen mode and putting LANDSCAPE, and just compiling the project, when started on Android and you have the phone in hand in portrait mode, the project starts in landscape, but after 1 second all the screen "slides" down and right about one inch.

I made a youtube video to show the exact procedure to reproduce the bug.


  • jinedjined Member, PRO Posts: 42


  • JapsterJapster Member Posts: 672
    edited October 2017

    @jined - It's a known bug, and very annoying...

    I did a workaround for it on my latest game, by basically resetting the (incorrect) camera values to known good ones (if the phone was in a different orientation when loading up), a short delay (1/4 second I think) after loading up the game/first scene (or it doesn't catch it, as it happens after X ms after the scene loads) - that seems to work fine, and fixes it, but yeah, it's annoying to have to do it... and of course, if you use a black screen, or opaque actor, that you remove or reduce alpha after that 1/4 second, you can hide the fix with a black screen fade in....

    Incidentally, it only seems to affect the initial scene - once you've done that one manual override, the app's golden....

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