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Media Composer for hire

Hey fellow media producers.

I'm a media composer available for work! If you're creating a high-end game needing lush film orchestration or background music for media, I can produce multiple styles ranging from classic cinematic (Williams, Elfman, Shore), old school arcade to ambient atmospheres. I'm also available for those who have lower budgets. Please check out my Tier System to find the right match for your projects. Serving all sizes!

For those on a low budget or those just needing high-end music at an ultra-affordable cost, I've put my top 3 libraries at 50% off which also demonstrates what I can produce for you for those looking for custom music!

Epic Cinematic High-Fantasy:** 3hrs+ of music Now with a bonus track: High Elves Theme (A very beautiful choir with solo vocal)!

Cinematic Fantasy:** Some amazing quirky & fantasy music – all orchestrated. One of my favorites is 'Room of Mischieveous Clocks: Time Warp'.

Sci-Fi: Large library of sci-stuff!

Custom Music!

Thanks for checking out my music and feel free to contact me via my Bonix site for custom music or questions!

Peter S. Gunder


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