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Hi, Some questions for new starter

imhotep1989imhotep1989 Member Posts: 2

Hi, I am new to game developing and thinking to get gamesalad to have a try. I am not thinking to quit my job or anything, just wanted to have a go in my free time since I am creative and want to see what it is like.

I know that there is quite alot of people out there who develop games so I was just wondering if anybody can answer me some questions.

  1. Often I see games in the play store which may be good, but getting 1 star reviews since they don't work on some users phone well due to bugs. Sometimes it might crash on loadup even, which I can imagine is annoying for a user especially if they bought it outright. How can you test all this before releasing your game/app without buying every smartphone/tablet to try it on? Would an emulator like Memu for example work to test to emulate different smartphones?

  2. If you discover a problem like above, and having no coding knowledge, is it fixable using gamesalad for a novice? Are these kind of problems simple or complex?

  3. If your game/app gets approved on the stores and released, let's say it doesn't perform well in sales, does it eventually get removed for being 'dead'? Or can only you remove it so long as it doesn't break any rules?

  4. Is it possible to create any games other than a 2d side scroller with gamesalad? I know it's more of a beginner kind of engine, but can it for example create a simple rpg game? or a tower defence game?

Thank you


  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,915

    Welcome and great questions!

    1. There are several ways to test GameSalad projects but with regard to specific devices, you really need to have or know someone who has a variety of devices. You can use Apple's TestFlight service (among other methods) to install testing versions of your projects on those devices. I am not familiar with Memu and haven't used emulators with GameSalad so I can't comment on that.

    2. Keep in mind you won't be a novice for long. ;) This community is great and generous with helping out so just ask questions as you go along and I'm sure you'll get the assistance you need. There are ways to debug and diagnose what is happening with your app that will lead you to find the cause.

    3. Nope. Your app will happily flounder on the app store(s) until you decide to remove it.

    4. Yes and yes although tower defense games in particular are quite difficult with GameSalad. People have made extensive RPG games, card games, word games, match-3, flappy bird ripoffs, etc. etc. It's a very flexible engine that is actually quite powerful and relatively easy to learn and use.

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  • imhotep1989imhotep1989 Member Posts: 2

    Hi, thank you very much for the replies :)

    I have a couple of more questions, first I was going to ask about tutorials (done the lava one with a ufo) but I can see a link at the bottom of your post so I will see those tutorials.

    1. How do you deal with hackers? I can't remember how (for example) flappy bird worked, were high scores uploaded online or was it just local? Can an online leaderboard be made in GS?

    2. Another thing which I saw mentioned in another tutorial was assets and memory usage, which can make the game slow/lag but this bit confused me, do you know of a good specific tutorial on that?


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