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.ipa file problem

zshengzsheng Posts: 2Member, PRO

When I am trying to sign my app to app store, game salad didn't generate an .ipa file as usual, then I zipped the .app file and renamed it as .ipa and uploaded it. However it comes to an error, and says:

description length:387243
ERROR ITMS-90072: "The IPA is invalid. It does not include a Payload directory."

Does anyone have ideas about that?


  • zshengzsheng Posts: 2Member, PRO

    OK, it works after I tried what rvantilborg said:
    1.make a new folder and rename it to 'Payload' (without quotes) your .app file in the folder.
    3.compress the folder and rename it to: yourgamename.ipa

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