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Not enough ratings to display a summary? And reviews disappearing

Hello, I just released my first game for the iOS App Store and the way the whole review system works is confusing me a bit. I have 7 reviews, and at one point they were showing and when you searched the game on the app store (but hadn't actually clicked on it just like it alongside other apps) it would show the number of stars and then the number of reviews (7) afterwards. However, upon checking a bit later, it showed no stars below the title without clicking on the app, and when you clicked on the app it said "not enough ratings to display a summary" or something similar.

Then, when I tried looking at the individual reviews, it only showed 4. How does this work? Did the reviews disappear or what? They still show up when I look in SensorTower, but I'm not sure why it's not displaying. I think on one app it didn't show the stars either and then I clicked and counted the reviews and there were like 30-50, while other apps will display it with less than 5 reviews, so I'm really confused on how this works and I'd like to know. Thanks.

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