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Marketing an app free and paid? Any tips welcome

Hello, I've recently published my first free and paid app and am having a tough time figuring out where and how i should market them to get most downloads per dollar as well as effort when it comes to free advertising. Any tips / suggestions are appreciated.


  • ZwireZwire Member, BASIC Posts: 165

    Hi Witzel,

    I should begin with making a Facebook company page and promote your game on there. Make a post with the game and let as many people as possible share the post.

  • stragstrag Member, PRO Posts: 565

    I've found most success running Twitter ad campaigns. If you do a campaign based on engagements you only pay when a user clicks or interacts with your ad. The good thing about Twitter is you can set a very low price (don't leave it on their default price, it's a rip-off!). I set it to only 1p per engagement and still get quite a few hits per day.

  • witzel170witzel170 Member, PRO Posts: 7

    @Zwire @strag Thank you both for your advice I will try doing both:)

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