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Does my app look big in this..? :)

Hi all.

I've recently carried out my first upload to Google Play / Android. I've dealt with the Apple Store a number of times, but this was my first foray into Android land. Thanks the the staff at GS, I was able to get my app out there, but I'm unable to see what it looks like, as I don't have an android phone (I have an iPhone 4, please don't judge!).

So, I was wondering whether any of you would be interested in helping a guy out? 'Sujiko' is a puzzle app, and can be found at : - it's one of several 'Sujiko' apps on Google Play (but the only legit one - the others are basically rip-offs of my Trademarked and Copyrighted puzzle, but that's another story!).

If anybody has a spare moment and would be interested in installing the free app, just to let me know whether it all works okay (or whether it's a total fail, and I need to start all over again), that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anybody has any decent links to info which would help me when going the android route, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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