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Android misalign problem - Workarounds?

vafurlogivafurlogi Posts: 197Member, PRO

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if they are using a good workaround for the Android sleep - misalign problem?
The problem I'm talking about is on Android, if the phone goes to sleep or you take a call and come back to the game the screen will shift down some pixles only showing part of your game.

This has been around for a while and I know it won't get fixed soon what with the web version and everything. I'm currently updating some older games and was wondering if someone had a good workaround. I've searched the forums, found some discussions about it this but no solutions. I'd be happy yo just restart the scene if the screen misaligns.


  • ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC
    edited November 2017

    Hi Vafurlogi,

    I also had a major problem with that bug among other things grrrrr.

    This is what the support team told me to do:

    That bug is definitely annoying, but thankfully there's a workaround.
    What's happening is the camera origin x and y positions are shifting some when the app is made the focus again (not sure what is causing it to do that personally). You can create a rule that checks the camera origin x and y scene attributes, and when they're not equal to 0, you can change them both to 0 over a short period of time.
    Note: You'll only be able to see the scene attributes via an unlocked instance of an actor on the scene.

    The misalignment is still there but after implementing the above things, the screen will pop right back to the middle.

    Better than nothing I guess.

    Hope this helps.



  • vafurlogivafurlogi Posts: 197Member, PRO

    @Zwire Thank you. That's exactly what I needed, you probably saved me a lot of time testing this bug!

  • ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC

    @vafurlogi said:
    @Zwire Thank you. That's exactly what I needed, you probably saved me a lot of time testing this bug!

    You are welcome. The bug happens only with games in landscape mode and not in portrait mode. So better only make potrait games next for Android lol.

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