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Free scaling tool (goodies inside)

LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member

Hi there, How are we all doing?
I'm still alive and currently making tutorials for Blender 3d on Udemy.
While going through some old stuf I found this illustrator script that I would like to share.
I never started selling it because there is a minor flaw in the placement of a few objects but it is still very useful.
The script and an example file is attached. The video below explains it all :)
Free to use and alter, please do not monetize/sell.


edit: when you open the script (with Notepad++ or BBedit for example) you can add other sizes. I have a remark in the code where that applies. You only have to add a width, heigth, and name (iPhone 9 for example).

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