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Can't install application (XCode AdHoc)

Hi guys. I'm just looking to check out an ad hoc on my phone, and I get the following message "Can't Install Application - The Info.plist for application at /Users/kobayaashi/Desktop/Sujiko (English).app specifies device capability requirements, which are not met by Jai Gomer's iPhone".

The 'Minimum Supported OS Version' used when publishing is 7.0, and my cranky old iPhone 4 is running OS 7.1.2 - has anyone else suffered this, or have any ideas as to how I should proceed?

Any advice most gratefully received. :smile:


  • kobayaashikobayaashi Posts: 140Member

    Still no joy. Had a look inside Info.plist, but nothing screamed "this is the problem!" at me. Does anybody know whether anything relevant has changed with GS publishing over the past month or so - I had no problems with my last ad hocs...

  • kobayaashikobayaashi Posts: 140Member

    Okay, so I'm back in Info.plist, and found "Required Device Capabilities" (2 items) and 'Item 1' is 'arm64'. After further online sleuthing, it seems that my iPhone 4 is not compatible. So, no ad hoc checking for me! Either that, or it's time for me to shell out and get a new phone.

    Unhappy face.

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