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Point me in a Awesome direction.

I just created an completely new apple developer account. I have not created anything like certs and provision file, appids, bundle identifiers etc etc. Its been so long I dont remember how to doit. I dont remember what each is for and their purpose.

Can someone point me to a video that explains all this in detail?

Certificate: its purpose and how to make 1
Provision Profile: its purpose and how to
AppID: its purpose and how to
etc etc.

I remember there was a way to make something that allowed you to use it for every adhoc you tested. instead of making 1 for each app test. Like I said its been along time. And I really want to set this up the correct way this time.

I think Thunderchild did something like this along time ago. But with all these changes and xcode updates. is it still viable for todays set up?

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