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New Template Ideas?

Hello Gamesalad Community,
I understand that Gamesalad is growing in popularity and power, and I'd like to help out as many people as possible as time moves forward. There are many templates already on the market, but I'd like to create a few more for all to use if possible.

Does anyone have any ideas for specific templates they'd like me to create? Specific game functionalities that you guys want to be able to use in your games?
For ex.
-Parkour (already done)
-Rope Swinging
-Spaceship Combat

I may even be able to provide special effects solutions or other ancillary things.
Just let me know in the comments. ;)


  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,180Member

    I thought about adding rope swinging to games a few times. The math involved was beyond me so I killed the idea.

    Ive also thought about making a pack of special effects. They really do add a lot to a game.......

    Great ideas.

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