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Anyone else seen issues with touchscreen responsiveness (in GS AND in general) on iPhone 6S and 7?

I've been trying my game out now for about a year, on an iPhone 6, and it's been flawless. However, I moved to an iPhone 6S a little while ago, and thought I'd broken my game's responsiveness.

After trying on Android, and my older iPhone 6, it works perfectly on those, and nothing I could see would 'fix' it on the iPhone 6S. So, I moved from the 6S to a 7, and the same problem exists!

I have REALLY simple actors to start my game - touch pressed to change scene, etc... and it takes 2,3, even 6 attempts sometimes to start the game... Sometimes it even seems to help (obviously for whatever reason, possibly ie - see below), that I press the actor with more than 1 finger, one near either end!

I started wondering if it was actually GS, but even on the iPhone's home screen, if I swipe left/right straight after unlocking, it can take 2-3 attempts to recognise a swipe? - so I started wondering if it's something that Apple's broken in an update. I'm REALLY confused atm...

PS - After typing this, I also realise that as I have to (STILL) adjust to compensate for the scene / camera issues, it may be the issue where the collider is treated as being in the original place, so will have to check that. either way, it's bloody annoying, as the camera fix has to be done in the scene in question, unless I add un-needed crap / splash screens to the front of my game...

Oh yeah, and my latest build still doesn't show Revmob or Admob adverts, argh.... :frowning:

Any help / advice / confirmation that it's not only me, would be greatly appreciated please guys!




  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,165Member, PRO

    Not really. Push out a new testing build if you want me to test on my 6s.

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 636Member, PRO

    @Toque said:
    Not really. Push out a new testing build if you want me to test on my 6s.

    Thanks @Toque ! - Now that I have working RevMob functionality, I might just use it as an excuse to push out a new testing one, cheers!

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