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Interstitial Ad timer

Simple Gamer ArtsSimple Gamer Arts Posts: 223Member, PRO
edited December 2017 in Working with GS (Mac)

How can I activate an Interstitial Ad every, lets say, every 2 mins?

so in my game it only has 1 big long level... it may take 50 attempts to beat the game... and when user dies, it automatically makes user try again... So I want to activate Interstitial Ad after lets say 2 mins,,, so when user dies it goes to Ad.

I did:
so when Game.AdTimer = 120, reset to 0 and a Boolean attribute becomes true... and the Change Scene with Interstitial Ad activates.... unfortunately the timer is quite special and does not let GameSalad communicate these commands and it kind of freezes or messes up... dunno.

A solution would be constraining Game.AdTimer to Game.Timer, but how do I say: "Every 2 minutes, do this"? what is the formula to say "every 120 seconds of Game.Timer do this...?

I tried for a day and 1/2... to make this happen... and I couldn't decipher it.

Help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


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