Game template that requires multichoice questions to continue playing

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Not sure if what I want is available on GameSalad, but I’m hoping you can advise.
I’d like to add some fun games to an e-learning Wordpress site I run for my pupils.
There is an example of the type of thing I’m looking for here (but it costs far more than I can justify).
I’d like a simple but addictive game (such as flappy birds or tetris etc) that requires the player to periodically answer multi-choice questions to continue with the game. It would be great if there was an easy way to add the questions and any images that might be involved. It would also be great if they also had the option of sending high scores to a scoreboard somehow.
My focus / area of interest is on producing learning materials for my pupils. Obviously, since I’m posting a question here, I am prepared to edit game templates, but I have no particular desire to learn how to create games, I’m just looking for another way to engage my pupils. So the easier it is to create a series of games / learning experiences the better.
I’m not looking for something for nothing, but I don't have the resources to pay a developer to create a one off game, I'm hoping there is a customisable template I can edit.


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    My guess it that you won't find a template that does what you're looking for. Sure, there are flappy bird and other game templates but they don't necessarily incorporate Q&A features. And while there are also trivia templates, they don't incorporate arcade gameplay. If you have a budget, there are definitely developers here who can create such a game for you. But as a teacher myself, I empathize with needing to do things on the cheap.

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