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Publishing options

scottwoodscottwood Posts: 68Member, PRO

I've just joined to create games for an elearning site I run and would welcome your thoughts on the best publishing options.
I want to embed on a members only Wordpress site. Using the arcade seems the obvious choice, but I'm concerned the embed code could easily be copied and used on alternative sites. Is there an option somewhere to restrict the domains where the embed code will work? Is it possible to download the full code and host this on my own server?


  • scottwoodscottwood Posts: 68Member, PRO

    Found a really good tutorial video by "Gamesalad Guru" showing html5 publishing on Wordpress - I'm still on the trial version so this option does not show on my system.

    Would still be interested hear your thoughts on the possibility of constraining the domain where an arcade embed code will function.

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