Network Behaviors in Gamesalad

desaipjdesaipj Member, PRO Posts: 8

Do network behaviors not work when published to the gamesalad arcade?????

I created a game and using gamesparks, I have integrated registering, signing in and posting score into my gamesalad games as the network behaviors is used to send data to the gamesparks url and then saves it on gamesparks and sends a successful response back to gamesalad. So the register, login and posting score works fine when I am developing the game but as soon as I publish the game on game salad arcade, it doesn't work. I heard that network behaviors don't work on game salad arcade. Is this true????

If so, is there any way to make login work on arcade? I want to be able to let my users access this from their laptops so is there any other platform to publish to so they can access from their laptops???


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