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Ultimate Vaping App

LocoyoLocoyo Posts: 6Member, PRO

Hey guys,

im finale done with lot's of help from you guys...
especially the calculations.. prec..substr.. and many more :)

I don't know if some of you are vaping.. but I do and I had 2 apps in the past
one for mixing my liquid and one for the Ohm law..

and now.. there is an app with both functions in one...
it's not perfect yet but already v 1.4. to fix some bugs

may you wanna test it and give it a try or recommend it to vaping friends ..
i will implement more features soon.. so far I wanna wait for some feedback what to improve or implement
it's un universal build and should work on almost all devices..

would be great if you can test it and may give me a review.. positive one :D

amazon will be online tomorrow ( they said)

iOS coming soon


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