HI all, my name is Matt I have decided to become a game developer (lol another faze)

Been in gamesalad trial is up tomorrow I will dedo be buying the subscription.

I have made 2 games to a good level to get an idea of the software.

I am now working on my third project which I will be something that I intended to publish.

I learn very quickly and have fingered out most stuff out on my own. There are a few things am struggling with (please advise)

I have my map (15000 by 15000 ) has to time the spawns and destroy actor because of the lag. So I have;

Me, player 1 moving around the map

Second actor (e.g enemy) spawns about 600x pixels infront of me. ( on a timer then, accelerates towards me ( actor1/player 1 )

What I want the second actor to do when I move past him ( after it spawned in front of me and now is behind me, in chase ) is


  1. flip image horizontally when now moving on the opposite direction.

  2. Continuously face ( rotate “it’s” face to my “continuously moving” position.)


  • lonzzy007lonzzy007 Member Posts: 7

    Sorry! I pressed enter and posted before finishing and prof reading.

    Hope you get the idea anyway.

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