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What's the best platform to start a new GS project for general mobile app right now?

You know, when you start a new project in GS, is it iPhone 5? or iPhone 6 plus? For the guarantee that the final product will run smoothly on most mobile phone right now.

And can you change the platform mid way?

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  • -Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member
    edited January 2

    I usually start with iPad. easiest way to make universal build (in my experience) and bigger on your screen to work on.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,289Member

    @-Timo- said:
    bigger on your screen to work on.

    You can zoom in/out in the current beta, but the iPad settings can be quite good as a basic setup. I usually start with iPhone 5.

  • indra.azizindra.aziz Posts: 70Member, PRO

    Thank you for your comments guys! @pHghost @-Timo-

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Posts: 315Member, PRO

    This is what I thought: ''Be sure to enable resolution independence, as I think then whatever you start with, the game will fit the screen. It may look squished though. You can check by doing this: when you preview your game, at the top click on the ''ipad landscape'' I believe, then scroll down to your desired device and click it.'' But after some research I found that Gamesalad will just scale your game to the device's size. But you should still scroll to your desired device.... Here is my final answer:

    At the top left go to project properties and find your device, then select it. :smile:

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Posts: 315Member, PRO


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