Tiny Black Box

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Hi all! This is my fourth game out on the app store now! I would appreciate any support or suggestions you have! Please grab a download and review! Thanks so much!



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    @Games4life Just downloaded. I'm struggling with getting past even a few of the drops. A variable speed option would be awesome.

    The concept of crossing the screen, dropping a level, crossing the screen again is alright but sometimes the moving saw blades seem to be in unavoidable places (I can't let the box slide under them and don't have the timing to jump over them) I may well be playing wrong but with no instructions I can't tell if I supposed to be doing anything extra. --Oh, and as I'm typing this I figured out I can infinitely jump. Now it's more fun!

    Artwork is clean but confusing. It's unclear why I should avoid the antenna looking obstacles. In the beginning, I just kept crashing like 4 or 5 times before I figured out those were bad objects I couldn't touch.

    The game feels like it's almost-but-not-quite there. Could do with quick instructions (like a picture of the tapping finger but shown with the tiny black box jumping multiple times) Some times when I die, especially in the beginning, the 'GAME OVER' text slides up past the top of my screen (iPhone SE) but most of the time it's properly in the middle. This game has a lot of dying, at least for me, and the continual reloading of the entire scene feels cumbersome. Might could code placing the hero/camera/bad guys back in their starting spots instead of the standard full reload.

    As final polish I would use custom font and not plain white text. It's readable as it is but seems boring. It's also a little unclear why it's a box jumping over stuff. Doesn't necessarily need an in depth backstory but I usually like a bit of deeper purpose even in these 'you're a box and jump over stuff' type of games. Something like, the tiny black box needs to be filled with light, or a gift, or anything.

    The banner ads are showing correctly :)

    Overall, I enjoy the gameplay and think I would even more with a few tweaks. Good luck with downloads on it :mrgreen:

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    I agree with all rowdy pants. The first obstacles are odd to me. Etc.

    It has potential.

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    Thank you both, I appreciate the feedback!!

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    I agree with the above comments. Interesting idea but it’s way too hard in the beginning. The “antanne things” are confusing as I had no idea I’d want to avoid them until I got killed by one. Perhaps making them more menacing looking would help? Also, wanted to mention that if you continuously push jump on the first level it seems to break the game.

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