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Goodbye GameSalad..

abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 506Member, PRO

This will be my last pro subscription.
It's been a nice few years, and I've made some decent games.
Saying that, I'm not willing to waste anymore time or money waiting for a broken software to actually work..

I know it's hard to code, I can't even imagine the difficulties for GS team to fix the bugs.

But in the world of apps and games, days matter, and time equals money, probably more so than any other field of business..

Waiting a month or two while still paying premium just for the software to work so I can update my apps is totally unacceptable.

I'm moving on to GameMaker to give it a shot, hopefully it's as user friendly as GameSalad with less bugs and problems..

I might return back once or twice a year to update my current GS apps, otherwise I will not make any new games on GS..

Farewell & GoodLuck :)


  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 504Member, PRO

    Sorry to hear yet someone else say it. But i think it's a growing opinion. Good luck in the future...

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