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Why many user leave Gamesalad?

WeiyuWeiyu Posts: 201Member, PRO

Hello everyone!
For the past few weeks, I saw many post about leave Gamesalad.
Most of these post, complaint Gamesalad have many BUG.

Could someone tell me, How many serious BUG in Gamesalad?
or what's Gamesalad greatest weaknesses?

I use Gamesalad for 2 years, so far, I just meet some a little BUG(?)
For excemple: If my scene have many objects, Game will delay for 2s~3s when I change the scenes.
(all object can't move and stop animation)

Can you share your experience?
Thank you!


  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 555Member

    You can relax I think. People are mostly upset because of some major bugs that have popped over the last 2 months or so. They are all being fixed, just that some of those bugs aren't simple to fix anf the new years/christmas/thankgiving periods haven't helped with speed of fixes.

    I cant really comment about your bug but it'll probably a result of overloading memory. For one of my game where I look up solutions on a large table when I change scene things also freeze for a moment. the table is massive. So might be a similar issue.

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Posts: 968Member, PRO
    edited January 12

    It's still overall pretty stable, biggest thing is for people using High Sierra. The newest build is a little buggy for that, but it's being fixed slowly.

    I just stick to the previous version until the new bugs are worked out, like always.

    Really GS is about the same it's been for the past 2 years, if not a bit better.

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  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 494Member, BASIC

    But most of the people that i have learnt from & with, have left or are close to leaving...

  • abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 474Member, PRO

    I'm leaving because GS is unusable on High Seirra,
    and I only upgraded to High Seirra when I heard the Fix was out from the devs.
    Turns out this new Fix wasn't really a fix afterall..
    And now I'm stuck with the cr**py Windows version trying to figure out how to sign my app

    Don't get me wrong, GameSalad (Mac version) is a very good program if it weren't for these bugs I wouldn't have left.
    I might return later if I don't get accustomed to the other game engines out there.

    Currently I'm looking at GameMaker 2 and Construct 3, either one of those will do for now.

  • smurftedsmurfted Posts: 494Member, BASIC

    So glad i didn't upgrade to High Seirra (even when we were told we should by GS).

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,370Member, BASIC

    @smurfted said:
    So glad i didn't upgrade to High Seirra (even when we were told we should by GS).

    Never trust authority: government, religious, academics, politicians, police, government agents (oops :smirk: ) or software developers.

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