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Cower, Hounds! Pinball now available (free) on iPhone and Android

My second (published) attempt with GameSalad, and my first to actually start using the camera and physics properly :)

Thanks to all the forum posters who have enlightened me in the dark hours of behaviour editing!

If you wanna check it out, click the pic or scan the QR to head to the store.

Pinball - Cower, Hounds!

Pinball - Cower, Hounds!


  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,165Member

    Hey that’s a pretty nice pinball game eh.

    Maybe a touch too much camera movement for my taste but very polished.


  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member

    Thanks for the feedback @Toque. Yeah, I guess I wanted the tracking quite 'busy' to inject a bit more excitement. Maybe I over did it a touch :)

    My original plan was to have near full table view on tablet and have phone screens with a closer zoom. But trying to get all screen dimensions to work well in one app (from a camera tracking perspective) was a nightmare. So I'll probably do an iPad only version with a wider play field view when I get round to it.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,165Member

    I’m prone to motion sickness. Don’t gauge it on my opinions

  • GSAnimatorGSAnimator Posts: 312Member
  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member

    @GSAnimator Ha! yeah, some of my HTML5 builds have come out looking similar :#

    To be fair, this game runs not so bad as HTML, just the text display bugs that kill it :'(

  • awesome_wellsawesome_wells Posts: 37Member

    Now published an additional iPad only version to make better use of the wider field of view.

    And if anyone wants to check it out, it's still free!

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